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MessageSujet: Le Chevalier   Le Chevalier Icon_minitimeMar 11 Aoû - 6:05

Nous allons mettre ici le stuff du chevalier qui est aussi celui du guerrier:
Celui de logar Merci misticric
Le Chevalier Logar110

Celui de Sourcargent
Le Chevalier Knight10

Dernière édition par Mcbolan/Cinios le Mar 11 Aoû - 16:56, édité 3 fois
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Localisation : Tu aimerais le savoir hein!!!!!! :D

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Et voici celui de Logar

Le Chevalier Logar10[i][u]
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MessageSujet: Re: Le Chevalier   Le Chevalier Icon_minitimeDim 16 Aoû - 11:44

Krynn a raison, il faudrait un petit encadré avec les stats et els bonus de pano. On ne choisis pas ses vetements que par l'apparence dans ROM Smile
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MessageSujet: Re: Le Chevalier   Le Chevalier Icon_minitimeVen 28 Aoû - 11:11

Bonjour aux valeureux chevalier(e)s,

J'ai trouvé ça sur un forum américain, c'est le guide du Paladin fait par un joueur lvl50/50 qui a bien cerné la classe. C'est pédagogique et cela permet de bien répartir les points de PTA: Très IMPORTANT ce guide n'est pas fait pour SOLOTER mais pour GROUPER

My Paladin Guide

I am writing this guide only to help others. Comparisons on class combos are very welcomed. Feedbacks are also more welcomed, but please make sure it’s in a constructive way. Please keep in mind that I keep myself in a learning mode. So, changes may come or may not come. Enjoy! Please note that the guide is mainly for grouping.

Who am I?
Goom, Osha, Level 50/50, Knight/Priest

What’s a Paladin?
To be simple, Knight/Priest.

What so special being a Paladin?
We have the ability to tank (Knight Skills) and heal (Priest skills) , which also makes us a good role player (solo’er). In my opinion, we match well with the jobs of a defender. Defense others from being hurt. More on this on skill section.

Skills to do: (Priority to Max.: 1 is highest – 5 is lowest)

General Skill
Holy Strike (1) – Each level gains extra agro. I would say a must for knights. Someone said don’t max it due to they can’t last for a long boss fight. I don’t have any problem handling mana as a Paladin, so I suggest max it.

Punishment (4) – Extra damage. You can choose either Punishment or Shock. I go for Punishment usually.

Disarmament (4) – It helps our dps, from higher damage than Holy Strike and it's debuff, but not much. However, if I have extra tp to spend, I will upgrade it because Paladin has really low damage output.

Shield of Atonement (4) – Stun one target, prevent them from using physical and common attack. It’s quite useful when some mage or priest steals your agro and when Charge is on Cooldown, you can stun the mob so they can't physical attack your mage or priests.

Enhance Armor (1) – Max. The key skill of knights.

Defense Technique (2) – Extra block always helps but the scale of TP to level is high.

Resilience (3) – Extra stamina helps. The TP scale sucks…

Devotion (4) – More mana.

Class-specific Skill

Holy Shield – Default Max.

Mana Return (3) – It’s good to using while soloing. Since it requires holy seals, go for Threaten for extra agro while grouping.

Holy Seal – Default Max. Keep it on using nbuff addon. (refer to

Whirlwind Shield (1) – Key knight skill. AoE damage + extra aggro each level. Max. it no matter what.

Shackle of Light – Require Charge to level up. The skill is somewhat broken. I am not sure it’s only on particular mobs or what. Can’t comment.

Resolution (3) – I rate it 3 on max, however, it doesn’t mean it’s not useful. In fact, it’s a life saver. I usually activate it with nBuff when my life is at 20%. However, this skill has a high mana cost, and most likely your mana is really low when your life is at 20%. So, I drink an instance mana pot also when my life is at 20%.

Charge (3) – The stun effect is good. One of the use is when you see a mob goes to your mage or priest, target it, charge!

Threaten (3) – This is a buff which add a certain % aggro when you have it on. And the aggro generated will not be removed when the buff ends.

Shield Mastery (3) – I would say if you have a good shield (high P. Def.), it is worth to level up. Otherwise, wait till you get a good shield before putting TP after 30.

Plate Ability – Default Max. One thing to keep in mind is that. You have the ability to use plate. You are not restricted to it. If you use CS jewel, chain shoulder, chain belt, cloth boots give you extra stamina if you + it, which is good for Knights.

Shield of Valor (2) – Very useful skill for boss fights or when you pull a truck load of mobs.

Shield of Truth – Default Max.

Shock (5) - A skill for lure mobs. 150 range. Also good for interrupt casters. Don't really need to have it level up.

Hatred Strike (2) - All aggro created by attacks will increase by 10-60% for 15 second. Use it along with Whirlwind Shield as an opener on boss fight.

Shield of Discipline (4) - I use this with Shield of Valor. Not important skill. Paladin usually has higher M.Def. than other knights given more wisdom and max’ed magic barrier (Priest skill)

Hall of Dead Heroes - Default Max. I don't use it at all.

Priest General Skill
Rising Tide (5) –I would only use it to lure if it’s not 2 second casting time. Still handy for lure mobs if shock is on cooldown or mob is far. (Higher range than shock)

Regeneration (1) – Max it! That’s what I say makes Paladin a best defensive tank. At level 50, your regene is around 450 per tick (2 seconds). It reduces priests work load by a lot! Instant cast! No cooldown! You will love it!

Urgent Heal (2) – Not as godly as Regene. But it’s a good skill while you solo. What is a health pot?

Holy Aura - Default Max. Another 5 seconds immune to ANY DAMAMGE. Include magic! And the cooldown is 2 min.!!!!

Magic Barrier (1) – Max it. Our plate armor is low on M.Def. You need this buff. Most priests do not max this because they have other more important skills to do.

Blessed Sping Water(5) – I am still not sure how the resistance works. So I will probably just leave it at zero.

Elite Skills
15/15 Holy Light’s Fury (3) – DoT skill. The damage helps Paladin's low damage output. Needed for Holy Smite, the highest damage skill of Paladin.

20/20 Holy Smite (3) – Highest damage skill of Paladin. Must have Holy Light’s Fury on mob to use. 8 second cooldown.

25/25 Holy Protection (1) – It is a de-aggro buff. Cast it on your party and all aggro they generate by heals, nukes, melee reduce by 21% at level 50!!! Max. it!!!

30/30 Freewill – Default Max. Immune to slow and root for 10 sec. It’s a joke. And it’s broken. You cannot cancel slow or root using this. You need to predict when a mob will cast a root/slow on you and use the skill before they do.

35/35 Firm Courage - Default Max. Passive. Increases the physical damage your Shield of Valor can block.

40/40 Concentration Practise (2)- Increase the accuracy of your physical attacks by 25 when max'ed. You will need it when you tank high level boss. Good stuff!

45/45 Great Inspiration - Default Max. Enchance your resolution and let you block the next attack on you.

Stats to do
1 - Stamina
2 - Strength
3 - Wisdom

Addon and Macros
pbinfo -
It has a threat meter which is a must for probably anyone play RoM. And also some other functions such as mob info.

nbuff -
So, auto rebuff when Enhance Armor and Holy Seal wear off. As a Paladin, you can keep Regeneration up all the time too. Keep in mind that Regeneration stack! So, we simply has extra 400hp/second regeneration which is really a major distinction.

My macro buttons

Here comes the tough part! We don't have Enhanced WWS like K/W. We don't have Enhanced Holy Strike like K/S. We don't have nice damage output like K/R. (OH! Sorry! I donno about K/M) We are the combo of lowest damaging classes in game. Honestly, it is easier for other combos to hold aggro, however, the skill sets available are already enough for you if you put some effort to figure out what to do at what situation.

More coming soon...

Voilà j'ai la flemme de le traduire mais afin de faire la jonction avec la description des skills en anglais, je vous mets le lien du wiki anglais:

Pour les nuls en anglais, le joueur a classé la priorité des skills à monter de 1 à 5:

1 = à monter en PRIORITE et 5 = à monter en dernier.

Bon jeu

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Le Chevalier
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